Anabolic protein shake side effects

A protein rich diet is essential for lean muscle growth and repair. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, helping to builds and maintain lean functional muscle, increase strength and promote the feeling of satiety, keeping you fuller for longer.
After training Following exercise your body is in an anabolic state, with your muscles requiring an influx of protein, rich in amino acids to promote protein synthesis and begin the recovery process. Immediately post-exercise is the best time to consume protein,
with a protein shake being the ideal option due to its convenience and fast absorbing nature.

Don’t mess around with wimpy blenders!  If you can pick it up with one hand then its probably not powerful enough.  The blender I have had for years and can highly recommend is the oster blender , it has the power necessary to handle hard frozen bananas and is only about $60.  Pick it up from your local discount store or click here to buy the better blender  from amazon.  If you really dont want to mess around poking a spoon into the blender to get the shake to blend completely, then get a monster sized  3hp commercial blender .  You can probably get these cheaper locally, they are $350 on amazon.  If you choose some other blender then make sure to do some research and find a good one, if you are a subscriber to  consumers reports magazine  (not consumers digest!) you can use their online article search to get the latest ratings on blenders.  As I mention on my support page, if you buy products thru links on my website you help support my work at scoobysworkshop as I get a small sales commission.

“Many protein powder supplements are now combining both whey and casein proteins to create an anabolic and catabolic balance for muscle repair and growth,” says Tanzer. “Combining these two different types of proteins can be beneficial when working towards reaching fitness goals. Whey protein works to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, whereas casein is more popularly known for inhibiting the breakdown of muscle. This relationship allows the body to benefit from the two different absorption and digestion rates. Taken alone, whey protein can be effective before and after a workout , or even first thing in the morning, as it provides a quick burst of protein. Casein protein, which is a popular choice before bed , is ideal for sustaining longer periods of anabolic, or muscle building, environments for muscle growth. Therefore, combining the benefits of both whey and casein protein can allow for sustained protein synthesis and the creation of an anti-catabolic environment for your muscles, lean body mass, and overall fitness goals.”

Anabolic protein shake side effects

anabolic protein shake side effects


anabolic protein shake side effectsanabolic protein shake side effectsanabolic protein shake side effectsanabolic protein shake side effectsanabolic protein shake side effects