Bad steroid injection michigan

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OMG, I don't feel alone and misunderstood anymore. My doctor gave me 10 injections in my back and 3 in my right knee on 4-8-13. Since then, I have had severe diarrhea. I don't even know that I have gone. I can take a shower, get out to dry and there it is. I use an entire roll of tissue at once. I have gone to the doctor to explain the symptoms and he won't even listen. All I get is that my symptom has nothing to do with the injections that I have received. I have now had to take stool samples am scheduled for a colonoscopy all because of the injections. I can't tell you how long, my doctor gave me enough to last in my system for 2 weeks and I am still have severe diarrhea.

Bad steroid injection michigan

bad steroid injection michigan


bad steroid injection michiganbad steroid injection michiganbad steroid injection michiganbad steroid injection michiganbad steroid injection michigan