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I have a cousin that is double sexed. I am male going to college. My twin sis said, years ago, she saw it when we were 10. I remember her saying she had both: "one like me and one like her". Last week, when I first saw this confession, I emailed my sis and asked her to describe our cousin's sex organs, as I wanted to put the description of it on a web site, for discussion. Sis asked what site and I said Raw Confessions; you should check it out, it's a hoot!.
Okay, so last night I got the description.
Sis said our cousin let her touch it, which she did. It got hard and bigger just like a boy does, she remembers. Her cousin even played with it, rubbing it o n her own pussy and tried to fuck herself with it but it wasn't long enough. Sis said the cousin did not have balls. She reminded me our cousin has never had and kids, however, she is our age and still single.. I think I will contact her, as the thought of sex with her excites me.

I have mixed feelings about this question. On the one hand, people have their fetishes and preferences, and I can’t fault anyone for that. I personally have a *huge* weakness for redheads and big boobs. But, on the other hand, the old-fashioned progressive in me thinks maybe you shouldn’t really be picking your partners based on some physical characteristic. I mean, yes, I totally also want to play with a woman with a big clit, but dating, and having a relationship…that’s a different thing, right? “I only want to date women with big clits” sounds like “I only want to date Asians,” which, to me, is kind of weird and icky, honestly.

Clits on steroids

clits on steroids


clits on steroidsclits on steroids