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Starter : The starter has full control of the swimmers from the time the referee turns the swimmers over to him/her until the race commences. A starter begins the race by saying, "Take your mark." At this point, the swimmers will get into stationary positions in which they would like to start their race. After all swimmers have assumed their stationary position, the starter will push a button on the starting system, signaling the start of a race with a loud noise (usually a beep or a horn) and flash from a strobe light. A starter sends the swimmers off the blocks and may call a false start if a swimmer leaves the block before the starter sends them. A starter may also choose to recall the race after the start for any reason or request the swimmers to "stand" or "relax" (for backstroke/backcrawl events only) if he or she believes that (a) particular swimmer(s) has gotten an unfair advantage at the start.

You are an amazing coach and have a terrific way with kids. We were so lucky to have found you. We’ve tried all the other camps but none compare. It’s true that your camp cost more but no camp compares. I think it’s a terrific value for the money. My son is a different person now. His attitude changed overnight and to me that’s priceless. You worked as much on his mind as you did his technique. He’s leading his lane in practice and has now set his mind on qualifying for Junior Nationals this summer. We’ll keep you posted and look forward to another trip to Orlando this summer.  

Spencer’s swim coaching experience ranges from beginners just learning to swim to training high- intensity, competitive swimmers for racing. Spencer started coaching with Swim America swim lessons at an early age, moved on to help with The Great Wolf Swim Team, and then was an Assistant Coach for Coon Rapids High School boys’ and girls’ teams. Spencer was also a camp counselor every year for UB’s college summer swim camps. Spencer’s coaching philosophy meshes well with the Edina Swim Club’s, in the aspect of swimming being a lifelong sport. There are so many wonderful life lessons and friendships the sport of swimming has to offer, if you just open yourself up to them.

East german olympic swim team steroids

east german olympic swim team steroids


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