Female bodybuilders steroid use

The side effects associated with steroid abuse are particularly negative for women, resulting in a whole range of various problems and unwanted effects including – but not limited to – deepening of the voice, increased body hair and clitoromegaly , or an abnormal enlargement of the clitoris. So take a look at the following professional female body builders and decide for yourself where you think the boundary between beauty/obsession lies and whether or not these people have left that line so far behind that they begin to lose all traces of their femininity. One note: The portraits are done by photographer Martin Schoeller as part of a series of portraits of female bodybuilders, check out some of his work here .

Erica Cordie is an interesting addition to this list, as she has not competed nearly as much as many of the other women. Instead, she has always viewed modelling as her main reason for working out and staying fit. Good for her, I really don’t care for her reasons, she can stay fit in order to work for the North Koreans, I’ll still think she’s gorgeous. She first took up weightlifting and bodybuilding after a skiing accident which caused her serious damage to her knee. Her original training regimen was simply to rehabilitate her leg, but it turned into a lifelong hobby. Wow, eyes.

Female bodybuilders steroid use

female bodybuilders steroid use


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