Halter horses on steroids

I have a 26 year old Western pleasure gelding who is still in amazing shape. I have owned him for 17 years. He has never been abused or pushed, but he has however developed arthritis in his left hock. I injected him for the first time last year with amazing results. After two weeks lameness was gone and he was much more comfortable. I don't think this should be a first resort for anyone, but it has made my boys life much more enjoyable and comfortable in his golden years. He was able to return to the show pen and is still being lighty shown by my 9 year old daughter.

I have been on Prevacid for GERD due to a hiatal hernia (found via scope) for 15 years. At some point, maybe ten years ago, when it was available OTC and my insurance would no longer pay for it, I realized the 15mg dose was all I needed. I have been feeling generally good and it has controlled my acid reflux very well. However, these recent studies have terrified me, and I am now trying to come off them. My doctor told me to taper off by taking one tablet every two days, then every three days. I did that, and have now been off them for almost a week, and this is my worst day by far. I have been taking 150mg Zantac up to twice a day to try to calm the acid, and started ACV this morning, but the acid reflux, nausea and cramping is bad. I don’t want to give up though, but don’t know how long these symptoms will last. I’m thinking of taking the Zantac 150mg morning and night just to get through the next few weeks (54 days or whatever I need to), since I figure it’s better than being on the Prevacid (have read these are much safer), and then I’ll try tapering off the Zantac. My diet is much better than it was when I started this med, so I was hoping I’d be spared this, but here we are.

Halter horses on steroids

halter horses on steroids


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