How to filter homebrew steroids

The second test of the Bouncer MD was transferring a simplistic porter from a fermenter to a keg.  I unfortunately didn’t take video of this one.  Honestly, I didn’t think there would be much filtered out. I was VERY wrong!  The fermenter was the FastFerment conical fermenter.  I shoved the siphon down in and let it go.  I noticed towards the end of the first 5 gallons, the siphon seemed to slow down.  I figured there was something stuck in the end of it.  I never thought to check the Bouncer MD.  Low and behold, at the end of filling my keg, I opened up the Mac Daddy.  HOLY COW!  This thing kept my beer filtered like a champ!  Since the beer was super dark, I didn’t notice that the whole screen was covered on the inside.  This filter kept mass amounts of sediment out of my keg.  I am super thankful for this.

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How to filter homebrew steroids

how to filter homebrew steroids


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