Insufficient adrenal corticosteroid hormone

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Another important aspect to consider is how your current medications might be affecting your adrenals in a negative way. It’s possible that adrenal insufficiency can develop when a person taking glucocorticoid hormones (like prednisone) for a long time, which act similarly to cortisol, suddenly stops taking those medications. If you’re on any prescriptions for treating inflammatory illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, asthma or ulcerative colitis , talk to your doctor about how to adjust your dosage appropriately before changing them yourself since these can lower ACTH and cortisol.

While adrenal fatigue may not exist, this doesn’t mean the symptoms people experience aren’t real. These same symptoms could be caused by true medical conditions such as sleep apnea, adrenal insufficiency, or depression. Accepting a fake disease diagnosis from an unqualified practitioner is arguably worse. Patients don’t receive a science-based evaluation of their symptoms, and they may be sold unnecessary treatments that are probably ineffective and potentially harmful. The Endocrine Society’s guidance is entirely appropriate:

Insufficient adrenal corticosteroid hormone

insufficient adrenal corticosteroid hormone


insufficient adrenal corticosteroid hormoneinsufficient adrenal corticosteroid hormoneinsufficient adrenal corticosteroid hormoneinsufficient adrenal corticosteroid hormoneinsufficient adrenal corticosteroid hormone