Jaco de bruyn steroids

The physique he had at 17 years old can only be gained after a 3 years training regimen when gifted. He is most probably is what we call a half natty. And he is probably using some kind of drug when losing downs at 4% body fat without loosing much muscle fullness. He is definitely a hard worker when it comes to training, but he is on and off some gear. The red flag is not his size, it is is body fat percentage. It is impossible to compete at the Olympia and be a full natty when we have guys crossing from men’s physique to classical physique bodybuilding category. So verdict: a small user. Almost natty, mostly using drug to cut down before a competition.

All I know whether on roids or not these people have made it their lives to look like they do for better or worse for themselves. An did they profit from that and are misleading ppl then yeah that sucks and is wrong. They are making something hard look easy. I think everyone has that talent wether you learn what it is and make money off it idk. They found theirs tho, and you should keep looking to. Because your talent is not this blog. If your making money great hope you don’t get sued but don’t hurt a truly innocent person. Your no different the people your calling out if making money off this and it’s meaningless. They are atleast trying to change and help ppl and make money, you made a natty or not blog rid off hotornot with the hot button or not.

Jaco de bruyn steroids

jaco de bruyn steroids


jaco de bruyn steroidsjaco de bruyn steroidsjaco de bruyn steroidsjaco de bruyn steroidsjaco de bruyn steroids