Lean muscle gains steroids


Great information, I can’t wait for the book to be released!

Some quick questions while I wait though =)

I would follow the two pre-workout meals protocol and eat my first meal at 12 PM, then 15 PM and post-workout around 19:00 PM.

On rest days I might do some low-mid intense cardio for 60min around 6:30 AM. Would you recommend taking 10g BCAA just before here also?

Do you see any downside if I would take VPX Meltdown every morning during a phase for maximum fat loss?

Regards, Tony

“Now, if you are already lean, some fasted morning cardio leading up to a photo shoot or competition can help you lean out that last little bit. But all of these fitness competitor coaches who prescribe more cardio are great BS artists. The hormonal response is simply not what you need for leaning out. Keep testosterone and growth hormone (GH) high, and your insulin and cortisol regulated properly and you will lean out quickly. This means sprints – not long, slow, distance cardio. All the cardio in the world won't help you lean out and keep muscle like you want it to, especially on a time crunch. The body wasn't designed to run from Los Angeles to San Diego. It was built to run from an animal to survive or to run down an animal to kill it to feed the family. That's why the body is mostly Type II (fast twitch) muscle fibers. Train it as such and you'll be happy with the results.”

Lean muscle gains steroids

lean muscle gains steroids


lean muscle gains steroidslean muscle gains steroidslean muscle gains steroidslean muscle gains steroidslean muscle gains steroids