Oxy methadone steroid

I have fibromyalgia with severe muscle spasms across my shoulders, neck, inside my scapula and all the way up my back extending on each side of my spine like ropes down to my lumbar area. I had been on the Fentanyl patch for 3 years and took myself off of it because it made so incompacitated. My doctor then put me on Tramadol 2 tabs 4x a day and Norco /325, 2 a day for more severe pain or break through pain. I also chew ibuprofen like candy and take Robaxin, which is useless. I feel as though the Tramadol givse my muscle pain more relief than the Norco but I’m only on 2 a day and still suffer horribly when I have a flare up! Along with these meds I have to get steroidal trigger point injections. As far as my moods, they are associated with my pain level. The pain will be so horrible I’ll get depressed, which, in turn feeds my pain. I never have had any side effects that I’m aware of from Tramadol. I admit I have taken more than precsibed when my pain was so utterly unbearable. It gave me a mild feeling of euphoria…never any side effects, except for mild insomnia. But I didn’t care! It felt so amazing to have some relief!!! Now, having said that about Tramadol, my quality of life was still about 25% until an opportunity opened up for access to more Norco. That made a HUGE difference in my life! My pain reduced so much that I was able to leave my house that I had been trapped in for years! Conclusion: for me, Tramadol works for mild muscle pain but for level of pain I have I need something stronger and more frequent added to it and a better muscle relaxer. Tramadol is designed for MILD pain.

I’m looking to try Kratom for my chronic pain. I’ve had so many people tell me how their lives have changed. I’m not looking for any “high”, I just want the pain to stop so I can live a normal life again. I need to know the best strain for strong pain- I have fibromyalgia, chronic degenerative joint and disc disorder, and I’ve broken my tailbone twice. So, what strain and dosage should I figure on? Currently, I’m on 20mg Oxycontin twice a day and (3) 20mg Oxycodone a day. I want to work and have a life and everyone tells I have to try Kratom.

Those addicted to oxycodone should begin to seek treatment immediately, before the drug begins to creep into their personal lives and chip away at their healthy mental state. Since this is a prescription drug , feeding a growing addiction will soon become unmanageable and financially impossible. It is important to understand exactly how dangerous oxycodone is when abused and how serious an overdose can be. There is no drug worth losing your life over, finding a way to overcome an oxycodone addiction will assist you in getting your life back on track and avoiding the terrifying addiction process.

Oxy methadone steroid

oxy methadone steroid


oxy methadone steroidoxy methadone steroidoxy methadone steroid