Pinguecula steroid eye drops

CCh is not caused by excessive or redundant conjunctiva. Instead it is caused by poor adhesion between the Tenon's capsule and the sclera. Simple excision may not prevent fat prolapse and may aggravate a pinguecula, if present. Covering the bare sclera with cryopreserved amniotic membrane reinforces such adhesion without stirring up unnecessary inflammation or scarring based on the important biologic actions preserved in cryopreserved amnion grafts. These include anti-inflammation, anti-scarring, anti-angiogenesis and the promotion of healing while reducing patient pain.

A pinguecula is a benign condition and therefore requires no treatment unless the eye becomes inflamed into pingueculitis.  Over the counter artificial tears are used as needed for dry eyes and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or corticosteroid eye drops may be prescribed for pingueculitis.  This is only a short term treatment to reduce the inflammation, which may return in the future. The steroid eye drops do not make the pinguecula go away . If it is a major cosmetic concern or if it causes discomfort or interferes with blinking the pinguecula may be surgically removed. Surgery is only done in severe cases and there is a high rate of reoccurrences after pinguecula surgery. 

Pinguecula steroid eye drops

pinguecula steroid eye drops


pinguecula steroid eye dropspinguecula steroid eye dropspinguecula steroid eye dropspinguecula steroid eye dropspinguecula steroid eye drops