Psychology effects of steroids

In the last week, I have drawn two tumultous storms with big ships in them. Both black and white. Yesterday I drew a beautiful house in color, all neat and tidy and in order. Color isn’t the only part of the psychology. My house drawing actually showed me where my life still needs work, where I was calm and happy, and what might still be problematic. I like this website, but could use more. Is there a phsychology of art subject matter? Or is that just a given in this field. I’m not an artist, I just like to doodle. I’m a musician by trade, which doesn’t seem to be as “forth-telling” as art.

-Listen to your child, rather than imposing your goals and wishes on him or her. -Listening to your child encourages independent thought and critical thinking. It also helps you avoid a common downfall of helicopter parents: imposing your values on your child.
-Don’t manage your child's relationships or communications for him or her.
-Don’t try to help your child escape consequences for his or her actions, unless you believe those consequences are unfair or life-altering. It’s fine to hire your child a lawyer if he or she is in legal trouble, or to intervene with a bullying teacher. But don’t try to get your kid out of detention or berate another parent who talks to your child about problematic behavior.
-Don’t raise your child to expect treatment that is different from, or better than, the treatment other children receive. Every child deserves an equal chance at a sports team or scholarship. Your child shouldn’t expect to get something they don’t deserve or didn’t earn.
-Encourage your children to solve their own problems by asking them to contemplate potential solutions.
-Don’t do your child’s work for them, or keep track of deadlines for them. Even school-aged children can learn to remember test dates and classroom projects. By middle school, your child should be managing their schoolwork largely on their own, with only as-needed help.
-Support your child’s teacher, and encourage your child to respect the teacher’s opinions.
-Allow your child to face natural consequences for their actions. Don’t allow a child to stay home sick just because she or he didn’t timely complete a school project.

This article highlighted the fact that many times the dangers of social media are a result of the user. One should obtain the realization that social media users will refrain from posting them on their worst days or when they are at their ugliest. If an online user cannot realize this simple fact, they should refrain from social media use. No one would be using social media if everyone had to post a status update or picture when they are having the worst day. That would create even more negative affects than we have now. Social media is meant to open doors such as prospecting businesses and keeping in touch with family and friends that otherwise may never be seen. if one finds them self always feeling jealous, sad, or angry, when using social media, it is time to stop looking at other people's lives and start living yours

Psychology effects of steroids

psychology effects of steroids


psychology effects of steroidspsychology effects of steroidspsychology effects of steroidspsychology effects of steroidspsychology effects of steroids