Puzzio steroid guilty

and the single most insane thing about this whole sordid ordeal: they totally had even odds at getting away with the whole damn thing if everybody had just not been stupid. and even after they were caught and HAD CONFESSED the whole thing, still they (and their families!?) were shocked (shocked!) that they might actually have to take the rap for MURDERING someone. the insanity just piles up. it's insane to want to kill your boyfriend's best friend. it's insane to tell other people you want to. it's insane that they would agree that that is, of course, the best possible course of action. it's insane that they all actually did it. it's insane they all went around telling everyone around them all about it. it's insane that they didn't expect to get caught. it's insane that they were all surprised when they were found guilty.

In a plea agreement, Nhan admitted that from late 2014 until December 15 th , 2015 he manufactured anabolic steroids and intended to distribute some of them to various customers. A search warrant executed in December, 2015 on Nhan’s residence resulted in authorities seizing numerous vials containing anabolic steroids, along with laboratory equipment, packing material, labels and sheets of papers listing the names and addresses of those who had purchased or intended to purchase anabolic steroids. Nhan also admitted to importing the raw materials from China.

Puzzio steroid guilty

puzzio steroid guilty