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Based on the one-on-one interactions Butters and Jimmy have had on the show, they seem to be good friends. In " Krazy Kripples ," Butters was the only person who went to see Jimmy's comedy show instead of  Christopher Reeve's  public appearance. In " Erection Day ," Jimmy came to Butters for advice on his erection problems, expressing that Butters is the only one he can tell who won't make fun of him for it. The two were also seen sitting together at Cartman's AIDS benefit in " Tonsil Trouble ". During Season Fifteen's episode " 1% " Jimmy and Butters form the 99% club to protest the Presidential Fitness Test results. They stand outside and picket the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, Colorado Division Regional Office, only the media believe they are protesting the Red Robin Restaurant. In " Funnybot ," Butters is the only person in the audience who was clapping and cheering Jimmy while everybody else was asleep. In " Going Native ," Butters reveals that he doesn't find Jimmy's jokes funny. In " A Nightmare on Face Time ," the two are seen trick-or-treating together.

Big Gay Al sues the Mountain Scouts, while Mr. Grazier is revealed to be a pedophile who goes by the name "Mr. Slippyfist" and is arrested. Although the Colorado State Supreme Court rules in Big Gay Al's favor and orders the Mountain Scout Elders to take him back and be put in stocks for three days so they can feel like outcasts, Al refuses, saying that while he appreciated what the boys did for him, he feels "it isn't right to force them to think our way," and while they should be talked into changing their minds, he begs people not to cut their funding or support for the scouts, adding that he loves the Scouts for the work they do and that they're a private organization. This causes Big Gay Al's lawyer Gloria Allred to brand him as a homophobe . At the same time, Kenny is carried off by an eagle (so it looks like, but in the end of episode, Kenny is in the Mountain Scout meeting with other kids totally alive and healthy).

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South park jimmy timmy steroids

south park jimmy timmy steroids


south park jimmy timmy steroidssouth park jimmy timmy steroidssouth park jimmy timmy steroidssouth park jimmy timmy steroidssouth park jimmy timmy steroids