Sydgroup trenbolone

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This injectable steroid is a derivative of 19-nortestosterone, meaning the structure is missing the methyl group at the C-10 position. This structural alteration makes it an active testosterone with 18 carbons, rather then the usual 19. This removes issues involving dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion from consideration, as 19 carbons are required for DHT, and it also eliminates most of the androgenic properties while retaining the anabolic ones. The drug’s activities include promotion of the tissue building process, protein anabolism, increased production of erythropoietin, and increased hemoglobin and red blood cell (RBC) volume. As a result, users will see improved nitrogen retention and recuperation time between workouts. Years ago, when steroid testing wasn't a big thing in MLB, there were a lot of steroids in baseball , and Deca Durabolin among pitchers was common. Deca Durabolin pictures:

Sydgroup trenbolone

sydgroup trenbolone


sydgroup trenbolonesydgroup trenbolonesydgroup trenbolonesydgroup trenbolonesydgroup trenbolone